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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Super Stuffed Burgers, Skinny jeans and more

I’ve read lots books and blogs about freezer meals, cook for a month etc But today I decided to give it my own twist. 

Grill for a month. 

We only have a charcoal grill, so I feel like by the time the coals are just right, you’ve finished dinner and the rest just goes to waste.

Usually to combat this problem I run around the house looking for something just throw on the grill. But this time I was deliberate with my planning. I bought 10 lbs of ground burger from the farmer. I Slow cooked 5 lbs for Savory Slow Cooked Tacos. And 5 lbs I dedicated to burgers, and not just any burgers. Super Stuffed Burgers!
I tried something new this time and actually ground up the cilantro and green pepper in the blender. It was great because you got all the flavor without the large chunks, or big leaves. Then I mixed everything together leaving a small bowl stuffing (bacon, cheese, and ground cilantro on the side). I formed small thin burgers on a cookie sheet, put a scoop of stuffing, and plopped another burger on top. Because they are thick it takes a little extra time to cook them, but it is the best burger you’ll ever taste!

The best part about it... even after we ate dinner I still had 15 burgers to put in the freezer!!
This will allow me to have a smoky grilled taste with only 2 minutes of prep on a busy work night. 
You can literally defrost frozen hamburger buns in 15 seconds in the microwave and the burger in 1-2 minutes. Add a quick side like baby carrots and apple sauce and dinner is served! Serve on paper plates, and there is not even any clean up.

I am really excited about this option because I love frozen meals, but we are not a big casserole family so I often struggled to find good meals to prepare and freeze.

In addition to grilling it is Friday so I wanted to highlight the best moments of the week...

#1 is Super Stuffed Burgers

#2 I found an incredible pair of Red Skinny jeans inspiring Skinny at least the jeans are II

#3 I was featured on Crystal & Co. in the top 5 for Mommy Advice last week for my post Brilliant Baby Clothes Organizer - This was very excited for me as it was the first time I was featured by another blog!

#4 Jon Acuff is giving away his audiobook Quitter for free this week!! If you’ve never heard of Jon Acuff he is an incredibly inspiring Christian speaker author he works for Dave Ramsey, spoke at the Blissdom conference. His book is really funny and he encourages you to follow your dreams, while also giving practical advice.

#5 I figured out how to add Follow my blog with Bloglovin onto my blog :) This may seem simple, but I’m still new to learning code, and what all the different readers are etc

I would absolutely love if you would subscribe to my blog!

Hope hope you have fabulous week! Do you have a favorite meal to cook and freeze? I would love to hear some ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Hi Theresa,
    Great looking burgers! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a fabulous weekend.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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