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Friday, April 12, 2013

Baby Proofing Begins

I feel like my Friday posts have had a theme. Almost rolled over, rolled over... so today we are ROLLING!!!

I realized the extent of his new skill when I had put him down in the middle of the room, and suddenly he had made his way over to the garbage bag of baby clothes I was sorting and having fun grabbing the plastic. There are two problems with this.

#1 He is mobile
#2 He knows what he isn’t supposed to have and he is going for it!

I am just going from room to room realizing all the things I have to move... It even changes where I can let him sleep because he can roll off things now.

The rolling is obviously the highlight of my week but for the other things...

#3 Goodbye Nap Nanny :( The Nap Nanny saved my life when he was little because I could let him sleep there, no blankets, on his back etc But I have to put it away now because he tries to wiggle his way out, and with rolling it is just too dangerous.

#4 We finally got to use our B.O.B stroller!

Wow, I thought I liked my other stroller until I used the B.O.B. It is like an off road vehicle for sidewalks. And with the sidewalks by my house this is totally necessary.

#5 My husband has been working on his photography skills. I am very excited about this. I know I need to be working on this too, but in the meantime I hope to have better looking photos on my blog moving forward.

Ok... Little Charlie was next to me, but now he’s not... it looks like in addition to the roll that he is also learning the backward scoot... I have to go check this out!

I would love to hear advice on baby proofing as I begin this crazy process.

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  1. YAAAAY for the B.O.B. stroller!! I LOOVE mine! Can't wait to start using it again. Best child protection is to keep them in your sight! They will surprise you and you just don't want to take chances! Prayer is probably even more important. Pray specifically that God will protect from any accidents.

  2. Bouncers are fab - entertaining for them and keep them from escaping whilst you're back is turned :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x

  3. I totally agree! My love for the bouncer grows daily!!! I love your Friday Baby Shower


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