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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Diaper Sizes a Lose Lose Situation

I hate choosing a diaper size... 

I feel like you lose no matter which way you go. My little guy was growing like a champ... and exploding his diapers up the back all the way to his ears. He was getting big and the diapers didn’t go very high above his hiney so it made sense that they were exploding... and I jumped from size 2 to 3.

I rejoiced problem solved... yes I was spending more money on diapers now, but at least we weren’t dealing with explosions.

Then I started noticing a new pattern..

He was joyfully jumping in his saucer when I noticed that the knee on his pants looked strangely green and yellow... and then his whole leg started turning that color. Sure enough his back was CLEAN!! but all down the front of his legs was spilling poop...

Bath after poop explosion! 

Then again last night he was fussing when I was getting him ready for bed... His snuggie looked fine but when I unzipped it the inside onsie was covered all over the belly with the classic green and yellow... but again his back... perfectly CLEAN!!

I am just destined to be constantly changing poop explosions!! I use the smaller size it’s up the back, the larger size it’s up the front... conclusion. We need to potty train EARLY!!

How do you keep your kids diapers from exploding??


  1. CLOTH DIAPERS!!!! I was done with the poopy clothes and accidents as soon as I made the big switch to cloth diapers.

    1. I know...but then I'm just scrubbing out pooping diapers :( at least this way I have a small shot of avoiding that.

  2. The cloth diaper advice is good but if you aren't interested in doing so try just changing brands. Each brand has a different fit. If you know other mothers of infants about your baby's size they may be willing to let you try a few of the ones they are using so you don't have to buy a whole pack for each kind you want to try.

    1. Good idea... I've tried Huggies, Luvs, and now Pampers... and they each burst a different way :) I guess I just need to choose do I want it up the side, up the front or out the back! :) Thanks for your encouragement though :)

  3. Although I did like it when they were cheaper, honest diapers are still my favorite. My 3rd child is now in these & out of 3 kids never have these leaked!!! And I love the orgainc material that just makes it better to use them!!
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  4. We used mostly cloth diapers with my son, but we did use disposable overnight diapers, and going up a size did make a major difference. Thanks so much for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up! We hope to see you back today!


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