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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Perfect Travel Storybook

Have you ever found yourself stuck with a screaming baby without any toys?? 

Me too... But I think I found a solution...

The Adventures of Little Scout eBook
I love storybooks!!! But I love my tablet too... And even though I swore I would never let my baby play with my tablet, when we were stuck on the highway without any exits or places to pull off and he was screaming you can bet I was showing him pictures on my tablet.
Recently I wrote my first book... The Adventures of Little Scout combines all my favorite things, cute rhymes and fun illustrations! Although my goal is board books... An eBook is the perfect beginning :-) its free and it goes with me everywhere!!
Here's a preview...

Page 1
Page 5


  1. Cute! I totally understand the "I will never let my baby have my tablet." I don't have a tablet but I have used my iPhone in similar situations either though I said I never would. Sometime you do what you have to! :)
    Found you at Monday Kid Corner.

    1. Lucy,
      I absolutely agree! If you'd like a free copy of the eBook, you can subscribe to my blog on the sidebar and I send you one... It's a pdf so it should work on your iPhone too!

  2. Thanks for linking up with Monday Kid Corner on The Jenny Evolution. I hope you're getting messy with the kids and having fun.


  3. Very helpful for the new moms reading this. Thanks for sharing on Becolorful.


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