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Thursday, May 2, 2013

My multicultural Storybook

I love story books! 

I grew up walking to the library several times a week. I never missed a summer reading program... and when I “grew up” I was the presenter for summer reading programs for countless libraries. 

Obviously I love books...

But when I had my son there was a problem. 

None of the storybooks looked like him. 

Now I am a blonde hair blue eyed girl so there are thousands of books like me, but my husband is biracial his parents being from Germany and Africa, and our son is a mix of both us.

I found Goldilocks, or African safari... but I could not find any storybooks with biracial families. Obviously he can enjoy any book. But as I child I connected with the characters in the stories I read. 

I wanted him to enjoy story books where he could imagine himself as the main character.

So in true mom fashion... I wrote a series of books! The Adventures of Little Scout. They are your typical little kid book with cute rhymes and fun illustrations... except the children are from multicultural families.

I hope to make board books in the future but right now I'm going the eBook route with a downloadable pdf. 

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My top five moments this week:

1. My babysitter did a photoshoot with my son while I was at work! Best surprise ever!

2. It was 80 degrees outside so we spent lots of time outdoors.

3. I got a $20 gift card for Shutterfly from a friend! Hurray!

4. Little Charlie broke his first tooth!
You can see his tooth on the bottom right!

5. My ebook is finished!!!! 

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  1. SWEET!! I'm all about story books with biracial babies! Would have loved it for me growing up. It's funny how I feel the same way about books and dolls, etc for my baby girl. i want to find things that look like her (which is very hard!) Great idea and service to others to just come up with your own!

  2. Thank you so much! I just emailed you a copy of the book!

  3. Hi! Found you on Mums make lists Fri Baby Shower link up. Just subscribed via email to get my copy. Thanks so much!
    ~Jackie @ The Non-Martha Momma

  4. Fantastic! Your book sounds lovely! Well done :)

  5. Such a great idea - well done.

    Thanks so much for sharing at The Friday Baby Shower Alice x


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