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Monday, April 8, 2013

Nursing while Running

In reading my title you probably got a great visual of a woman jogging down the street wearing leggings, a sling, and nursing...  

peacefully sleeping after a "jog" lol
Although that would be hilarious, I was actually thinking of my four month son. He has recently taken to "running" while I try to nurse him... He takes his feet and just kicks furiously at my leg, trying to fling himself out of my lap, as if to run away. He grunts and flails his head too. It is quite sight. I just laugh... Where does he think he is going? It  is as if he found his milk and  is running away with it.

What is your experience with nursing? I would love to hear your nursing adventures.

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  1. Stopping by from Sumo's Sweet Stuff. I love coming across breastfeeding posts! I nursed both of my babies and am looking forward to nursing my third. My son used to make these constant grunting noises while eating that would just crack us up :)

  2. An all-around mom eh! Great and noble job. No resignation... only promotion :)) Hopping from Craft-o-maniac link up.

  3. Haha-saw this on Craft-o-maniac and my first thought was, "was this an April Fools joke?" I really did think you meant nursing while you were running.

    I recently weaned, but from about birth to 6 months, I read while nursing because my baby loved to eat, was quiet, and still while nursing. But then something kicked in at 6 months and she couldn't stand me not paying attention to her-she would hit the book out of my hand with her foot and grab my face, all while eating. Needless to say, I just gave up reading and talked to her because it blessed my heart that she just wanted me.

    1. April, that is absolutely adorable!! My son will get like that after I have been at work. Or now he will just wait before he nurses and just stare into my eyes. It is totally endearing :-)

  4. NOpe, I didn't picture you nursing while you were actually running, but I thought you were going to share tips on what happened to your body when you ran during the time that you nursed your baby!!

  5. Hilarious! I think they start getting a bit bored with having to stop for food at that age don't they - too much to do mum, can't stop :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x


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