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Friday, June 6, 2014

A Nursing Challege That Will Surprise You

A Nursing Challenge that will Surprise You - pic me looking down at Charlie

Nursing is the most rewarding and challenging thing you’ll ever do!

Typically when you talk about Nursing Challenges they are all at the beginning… getting the baby to latch, making sure your milk supply comes in, is the baby gaining enough weight?… And trust me these were all challenges! But I wasn’t shocked by that. Even thought I figured I would be a nursing champ… I had heard of people who struggled so I knew it happened.

The real surprise hit me when I had to quit. It is so difficult, I just want to cry all day. I have the sweetest child in the world. Just think of the way you feel about your babe. He just doesn’t understand why we aren’t nursing anymore.

He comes up to me with the sweetest little look on his face and says, mulk! When I tell him not now buddy. He just blinks his big eyes, pleeese! Mulk pleeese! What kind of monster am I to say no to that?

close up Charlie’s looking up

In full discloser after he takes the sweet endearing route, he’ll often resort to punching me in the nose, or biting… but he starts off so sweet!

I know that I can’t nurse forever, and that he needs to eat big boy food.

Charile eating in highchair

I know he can survive without me. But it just seems so unfair to rip his little heart out, when it is ripping mine out at the same time.

me holding Charlie up by me

I have been incredibly blessed to be able to nurse for so long! But I wanted to share how hard it is to wean. For some, weaning is an exciting moment, when they’re finally done nursing. But if you are struggling to wean, or feeling sad about giving up this special time with your child, know that you are not alone.

Confession: I’ve kinda given up on weaning for the moment… it was just too heartbreaking :)

If you have already successfully weaned a child, how did you make it a livable experience for both of you?


  1. That IS hard. I weaned my son at 13 months. We were moving and my parents took him for two nights so we could move and close on both homes without a one-year-old underfoot. I already had him down to one feeding a day, so I knew that would be it. I was so busy with the move that it wasn't til a few days later that reality actually hit - and I did cry.
    My little guy was barely verbal at that time, so he didn't ask for milk yet. (I'm not sure what I would have done!) I slowly dropped feedings by finding something else to do during our normal nursing time, like reading a book together or eating a snack. After a few days of a new routine during that time, he didn't "ask" to nurse.
    Not every mom weans around a year. I have a college friend who is very pro-nursing and last I knew she was tandem nursing her two kids. Follow your heart, mama! If you're not ready to wean, take your time.
    Kim @

    1. Kim, your kind words made my night!!!

      I'm trying to follow my heart... it is just confused right now. I will have to be gone for a few days... and I don't want him to panic if he isn't weaned at that point.

      I really like how you got it down to one feeding then let him stay with your parents. I am very tempted to try that approach.

      How long have you been blogging?

  2. I found your link on Bowl full of lemons. I have BTDT as a mom of 5breastfed kids ages 17-5. I always employed the "don't as don't refuse" method. what I haven't been able to figure out is why you are weaning. If your heart is telling you that now is not the right time, then listen to your heart. The WHO recommends breastfeeding until at least TWO years, so if you are getting pressure from outside to wean you can use that to bolster you. From all the moms I know if a child is ready to wean it is pretty easy & almost unnoticeable because it is so gradual. Actively trying to wean a child who is not ready takes a LOT of work & distraction. Maybe I'm lazy but it was never worth my time to actively try to wean. Happy Mothering!

    1. I love what you're saying Andi :) My secret motivation is summed up in two word, work trip. In my other life not blogging :) I work full time. I don't want my son to freak when I'm gone... The time he nurses the most is in the middle of the night. So I figured if he is weaned he won't miss me as much then, because he'll be sleeping :)

      Did you ever have to leave your kids overnight while still nursing?


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