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Friday, June 13, 2014

Why Is Life Always Better...

Do you ever want a different life?

Why is life always better text over pic of me with field in background

As mom’s we can often look at others and see a bigger house, better behaved kids... although let’s be honest we KNOW are kids are the cutest. But does that really make sense?

pic Charlie without shirt - cutest kid ever written on pic

If you ever find find yourself wishing for a different life, or a least a makeover of your current one here’s a funny story to give you some perspective.

close up looking sideways

I am often quite dramatic feeling sorry for myself that I don’t live in the best neighborhood. I dream of the day when life is perfect, and I’m surrounded by corn fields.

Visiting friends living by those cornfields I walked outside at night without a second thought… Then I heard rustling and footprints? Ok now I was freaked out, it was just supposed to be me and the stars.

From the bird feeder came the biggest racoon the world has ever seen, I’m quite confident it could have eaten me alive.

I guess it is just scary to go out at night in the city or the country!

Next time you’re wishing for a change or new look in life, Remember you might lose one bad guy and gain another.

What challenges have you encountered when you finally got something you wanted?


  1. Being content with where you are and what you have is such an important thing! I wish a lot that I had more time to myself since I seemingly always have my kids underfoot. But I know that someday I will look back on these times and miss them terribly. So for now I'm trying to enjoy all the little moments with my little ones while I can.

    1. Carrie that is an awesome perspective :) I try to think about that when I'm up at 3am... that I waited for a long time to have a baby... and one day I'll look back and miss those middle of the night visits :)

      I always enjoy hearing from you because your kids are a little older so it is fun to see what life will be like in a few years.


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