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Monday, August 18, 2014

Dreaming of Renovations

Dreaming of Renovation

Do you love your house right now? Or are you itching to renovate?

I love to dream about renovating! I was inspired while reading Marie’s blog, Family House and a Cat, and checking out the transformation that was going on in her house.

Our house right now actually has a really nice floor plan… So I feel like it could be magical! However when we bought our house, it was purposefully an inexpensive house to be placeholder while we paid off a lot of debt.

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With paying off debt as our #1 priority, renovations don’t often make the cut. While that may be true… sometimes I simply a lack the motivation. Our bathroom desperately needs to be renovated… but it’s going to be very complicated and expensive, so basically no fun.

In the podcast Marie shares

Renovation Thoughts

  1. How to Jump In Ideas will always be ideas if you don’t just go for it.

  2. Creative Ideas with Limited Time & Money Even if you’re in a situation like me, trying to save money, there are still some things you can do to love your house!

  3. Challenges That Marie overcame while working on her renovations

If you’re still wondering, “Could I do this with my house??” Marie shares a wonderful story of real motherhood, while renovating.

As moms, I think these are the stories we need to hear. Real mom stories. It is so easy to look at people and imagine their life is perfect. We’re all real moms! Motherhood is messy. But that’s what makes it great.

Have you ever done a home renovation project?

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