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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weaning Advice That Saved My Life

Weaning Advice That Saved My Life

Weaning was a bear, for our whole family! I know I’ve blogged a lot about it before when I was in the heat of things, but I never went back after the dust settled to reflect.

In those tear filled moments trying to wean, it seemed like my life would remain trapped in that moment forever! As if we would never move on… but we did, and quite happily I might say.

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Are there times when I miss nursing, or wonder if it was the right decision? Sure. But I wanted to share advice that was the tipping point for me between disaster and success.

Life Saving Advice for Weaning

Choose Pop-tarts and Candy!

Disclaimer: This isn’t the only way to wean… and probably not a very good one. But I was feeling horribly guilty and struggling to wean and those kind words got me through… Don’t worry we’re back to eating eggs and steal cut oats now :)

That might seem like funny advice, but I was lamenting to my friend that I couldn’t have peace with him crying. But I was also concerned that if I didn’t wean, he’d be traumatized when I went out of town for a work trip.

In an ALDI parking lot, my friend and I sat and talked about when she finally decided that it was time to wean… and that poptarts and juice boxes were used to fill the void where mom used to be.

True, it’s not a good long term solution. But she shared with me how I could always choose healthy options after I was done weaning. I wouldn’t be emotionally torn over denying him Pop-tarts like I was over not nursing.

We now have successful weaned! If he has a sweet snacks it is a decision I am making that day… not out of necessity.

Sometimes we just need a mom to say, “You’re doing great!… even if your life doesn’t look like someone else’s.” Find someone who can be that mom for you!

4 little words made my whole life better… “Choose Pop-tarts and Candy!” If you’re in the middle of struggling with weaning, potty training, or another milestone, remember to cut yourself some slack. You are a great mom. If you’re past that, offer a word of encouragement to another mom who is still stuck in the struggle.

How did you wean?

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  1. LOVE IT! We get so worried about doing everything the right way or others judging us. We need to do what make OUR family happy. The end. Way to go for putting yourself out there and saying, "This is how I did it, and it worked for us!" I am always telling people, don't worry! Your kids will survive!


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