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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Be Hip and Modest

How to Be Hip and Modest

As moms, we all want to be beautiful. But sometimes I feel like there is a war between cute/stylish and modest.

It can be depressing to walk into the store and feel like you have to choose one extreme or the other. I was so excited about the podcast episode with Molly from Still Being Molly on Fashion 101

Molly had some incredible advice for dressing stylishly. But they were all things you could do while still being modest. We also recorded a great video too if you missed it!

Listen To This Podcast Episode

How To Be Hip and Modest

  1. Go for cute! Modest or immodest it doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t be buying clothes that don’t make you smile when you look in the mirror.

  2. Choose a Lesser Extreme. For the longest time I didn’t wear skinny jeans… There was just something about clothes looking like they were spray painted on my body. However after my little man was born I was desperate to not be wearing pregnancy tents… So I took the leap. I am really happy with the pants I chose they are cute and give the skinny jeans effect… but they aren’t overly tight.

  3. Wearing Leggings. With fall coming up this is perfect. If you want a skirt that is shorter than you’re comfortable with, try it with leggings underneath. This still allows you to have the cute and flattering look of the skirt without being so revealing. ps leggings are the best idea anyway because chasing a baby in a short skirt is totally impractical.

  4. Wear a Shrug… Ok, I’ll confess I had no clue what people were talking about when they kept saying “I just got a new shrug…” I guess its the hip way of saying half shawl… This can be really fun for transforming spaghetti strap and sleeveless outfits.

  5. Know There are Options. I truly feel like there didn’t use to be… I am happy when I see cute options popping up. I’ve recently been shopping Target with a splash of Kohls, Walmart, and gifts…

  6. Think in Advance. I am the worst at this… But if you think about what you need in advance it will make things much easier. When you have time, you can think, “How could I rework this outfit to make it modest,” or go to a different store if you don’t like what you see. Compromise happens when you’re out of time and panicked.

BONUS: Don’t listen to scorners… or become one yourself. There is always going to be someone on either side of you. Either they are much more modest and will be flabbergasted at your bold vanity, or you’ll be horrified and tempted to bust out the Bishop Fulton Sheen quote, when he offered a woman dressed immodestly an apple… when she questioned why replied, “Please do take it madam. It was only after Eve at the apple that she became aware of how little she had on.”

You can be hip and modest! Don’t be discouraged when you go to the store. You will find clothes that you love, make you feel beautiful and are modest if you are patient.

Where do you find your cute modest clothes?

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  1. Love this! I took the kids to a playdate this morning and immediately noticed that one of the other moms was wearing jeans and not yoga pants. I shouted, "Look at you! You're wearing pants!!! ...And your hair's down!" You (and her) have officially inspired me to wear, "pants" to my son's Pre-School Open House tonight. Thanks for posting this...I needed to be reminded that I deserve to wear something other than yoga pants and leggings! :) :) :) Great podcast today.

    1. So I totally typed you a reply the day you posted this... apparently it never showed up lol Your comment totally made me smile :) I really have to fight myself to not choose the comfy oversized gym shorts look too often :) But I'm getting better

  2. Leggings are very, very practical. My mama still works with a lot of little kids and wears either jeans or leggings with her dresses everyday. I take a lot of joy in pretty clothes, but in my opinion the prettiest of clothes don't display a lot of skin.

    1. Rachel, I definitely agree :) I love hearing from you!

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