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Monday, August 25, 2014

What Stay at Home Moms Can Learn from Working Moms (and Vice Versa)

What Stay at Home Moms Can Learn from Working Moms (and Vice Versa)

I feel like I’m stuck in pickle… I am a working mom, but a lot of my besties are stay at home moms. What does that make me?

I’ve never really felt like I fit under that “working mom” label, but that is in reality what I am.

I always try to guess if you are stay at home or working moms. ps It would be super fun if you’d leave a simple comment SAHM or working. When I did my podcast How to Be Joyful as a Working Mom It was one of my popular podcasts! So, I wanted to look at that topic with a new twist.

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Things Stay at Home Moms Can Learn from Working Moms:

  1. You can’t do it all After going back to work I quickly learned that it is impossible to do everything! I tried for awhile, but I felt like I was going crazy. Finally, I stepped back and looked at how much time I actually have. It is perfectly ok to have a $5 rotisserie chicken made with love by Kroger for dinner.

  2. It’s ok to Hire Help My stay at home mom friends often share how they feel guilty asking for help. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you can’t do everything! Working moms have to give things up, they simply are not at home. In a way, this can make it easier to hire help for cleaning etc. However stay at home moms should ask for help too.

  3. Let Some Things Go - As a working mom I have to prioritize what’s going to happen. Some things will slip. That’s ok for stay at home moms too. There can be an unfair expectation that stay at home moms are just eating bon bons all day, so naturally they should be able to get everything done. Be ok letting some things go.

For all Mamas

Don’t say your job is harder! We are all doing what we believe is best for our families. Sideline commentary doesn’t help anyone.

Things Working Moms Can Learn from Stay at Home Moms:

  1. Make Sacrifices Stay at home mom’s often make great sacrifices for their situation. Particullary financial sacrifices. When working it is easy to justify eating out or my personal weakness, frozen coffee. Stay at homes moms often give up these luxuries and we can learn from their example.

  2. Be Creative with Budgeting see above :)

  3. Learn to Work with Kids Underfoot Stay at home moms do not get a break, so anything that gets done is with kiddos in tow. I know that I struggle to accomplish things while entertaining my little guy. This is an area where stay at home moms shine, the art of accomplishing things with kiddos.

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Don’t forget to let me know in the comments, working or staying at home? Can’t wait to hear from ya!

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  1. SAHM who is test the waters of the WAHM world.
    loved this post! I had to smile at your very first tip - I tell stay at home moms they can't do it all - it's ok to have seasons of just doing what must be done, and the seasons of having time for more will come around now and then.
    thanks for sharing today - stopping by from The Modest Mom

    1. Linda, Good luck working from home. I know working from home moms have their whole own list of advantages and challenges.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! - Theresa

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