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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Surviving with Sick Kids

Surviving with Sick Kids

Have your kids gotten sick yet?

It seems that everywhere we go we’re surrounded by germs and sickness. Ahhhh!

Currently, my family is among the lucky masses who have hand foot and mouth… I can’t even believe I’m writing this, I just want to image it isn’t so.

Talking with other moms, I know we’re not the only ones at war with sickness so I wanted to share.

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Survival Tips for Sick Kids

  1. Change the game You need to change your mindset. If you are thinking about life as just a regular day you will go crazy. Be on your kid’s schedule. Yes, it might mean waking up at 4:30 am… but when they finally fall asleep 4 hours later, maybe you can too.

  2. Do Your Kid’s Favorite Things For us, that is snuggling on our giant beanbag and reading stories all day. What makes your kid happy? Try to spend your day doing that. I think we read close to 30 books in row!!

  3. Explore other options It didn’t seem like there was really anything that the medical world could give us to help. So we looked for other options. We ended up trying some Young Living natural oils… and he finally quit crying and scratching, and actually slept. He may have just been that exhausted or maybe it really worked. Don’t be afraid to explore all your options.

  4. Cut yourself some slack Throw your schedule out the window. Even if you start with big plans, trying to push through when your kiddo is sick might just end with both of you crying. Are you ok with changing plans?

  5. Pack snacks and games while going to the Doctor’s Office. Possibly a tent and camping gear as well… You never know how long you’ll end up waiting. It’s much better to go prepared than to have your little one going stir crazy. Usually our Doctor’s office is super quick, so I went totally unprepared. But apparently everyone in the state was sick, so we waited forever. And no, it wasn’t fun.

  6. Know it will pass Life isn’t going to be like this forever. You will get sleep again.

Bonus You are an incredible mom, right now, today! Smile. You are doing a wonderful job!

What do you do when your kids are sick?

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  1. Oh my gosh! This was great! I am over here laughing over "that baby didn't come from your body!" Molly is awesome. Thanks for sharing. This is inspiring me to go out and buy a new outfit...not just yoga pants. LOL!

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