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Monday, August 11, 2014

Fashion 101 with Still Being Molly

Fashion 101

When it comes to fashion I often feel lost. I have the best of intentions… but some how I will just miss. I remember when people would come up and say, “That is just the best outfit!”… and I’d say, “Yeah that one was a gift…”

Then, I met Molly from Still Being Molly at Brand Market earlier this year. Not only was she incredibly nice, she was super stylist.

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I checked out her blog… all her outfits were adorable and looked perfect!

I was thrilled to interview Molly for today’s podcast episode. She has a wealth of knowledge for making your outfits look great.

But, that isn’t the best part. Molly is a real mom. She talks about the truly important things like…

  1. Feeling Beautiful after Having a Baby

  2. Looking Pretty When Pressed for Time

  3. Finding Cute Clothes on a Budget

Finally, the best part… She shares a hilarious story of how she is a real mom!

If you missed Friday’s post we recorded an wonderful video on Molly’s Quick and Easy Fashion Tips

Speaking of fashion… What is your favorite outfit?

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  1. Oh my gosh! This was great! I am over here laughing over "that baby didn't come from your body!" Molly is awesome. Thanks for sharing. This is inspiring me to go out and buy a new outfit...not just yoga pants. LOL!

    1. I totally agree! The whole time I was recording I wanted to jump up and run to the store and start shopping. I feel like I have a whole new outlook on what my closet actually needs :)

  2. really enjoyed your podcast. you have a great voice that keeps me interested. would like to see video, perhaps youtube. good fashion advice too. we are worth putting some effort into and it trains our children towards self-respect and dignity too.


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