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Monday, September 1, 2014

Teaching Your Kids to Love Cleaning

Teaching Your Kids to Love Cleaning

I hate cleaning! But I’m told that kids learn order in their first few years of life. So, if you teach them to clean when they are young they will love it. Let’s be honest, this sounds totally fake, but I don’t want to do all the cleaning myself so I’m willing to take the risk.

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5 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Love Cleaning

  1. Involve Your Kids in Cleaning I used to think little Charlie was too small to help with cleaning. But, it’s been pretty amazing. Even at just under 2, he likes to clean up all his legos when he is finished. Obviously, he doesn’t do this himself, but if I help him he actually does a great job.

  2. Make it Fun We love to sing Barney’s Clean Up song.

  3. Clean Everyday By making cleaning up part of everyday chores, it can just become part of your kiddos routine. My husband started taking Charlie downstairs to sort the laundry. Now little Charlie will pull a laundry basket over the basement door. “a-stairs” He’ll say asking to go downstairs, because sorting laundry for him has become a fun game.

  4. You Don’t Need ALL the Toys I love books and toys, so I would ideally have millions of each. However, this makes it a nightmare to clean. By picking a few favorites to keep out, we are able to keep things fresh so we can switch up to the toys and while making it easier to clean up.

  5. Be OK When It Doesn’t Work Helping your kids learn to love cleaning is great, but there will be times when the best thing is to fall into bed with books and toys strewn about everywhere… and that’s ok.

Finally, know that you’re a great mom either way! Motherhood can be messy. If your kids end up with some love for cleaning, it is a success.

How do you involve your kids with cleaning?

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  1. Oh I need you to come over and work your magic on my youngest! I have never seen a child avoid cleaning up like this one does! My oldest is the type A, follow the rules, big helper, so he's always been pretty good with it, but Caleb doesn't even pretend to clean up. And when I ask him what he's doing he says, "Eh, I don't like to do that." Such a stinker. I will have to try these with him. Thanks for the tips!

    ~Abby =)

    1. I'll try... truth be told I think I'm more like Caleb... I don't like cleaning so I'm just desperately looking for help lol - Love hearing from you Abby!

  2. We used to sing Barney clean up song too when mine were little! They are all big now and have a regular cleaning job or 2 each. I'm not sure they "love" cleaning but at least they are all capable!

    1. Julia that is great!! I hope by the time we outgrow the Barney song I'll have little capable cleaner :)

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