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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Can Your Kids Listen to Too Much Music?

Can Your Kids Listen to Too Much Music?

I love silence! Ok, not awkward silences… but just quiet, maybe a few crickets in the background or corn growing in a field. Oh yeah, that's “just silence”.

But, babies are supposed to learn about and love music. This definitely wasn’t my strength when my son was little. If he was quiet, I wanted quiet. Why would I add background noise to my already cluttered mind?

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Things started to changed once I headed back to work. I needed an exit strategy, so I would turn on a DVD of Catholic songs that my family made. He loved the songs and it was my brothers and sisters singing, so it wasn’t really watching a movie or listening to music… more like quality family time.

Then Frozen happened

My sister came to babysit and as a gift, I downloaded the Frozen soundtrack for her. My silence disappeared! Suddenly my little man was dancing around singing la la go! la la go!!

We listened to Frozen 24/7. It single handedly saved two 10 hour road trips to visit my in-laws. However, as much as I loved Elsa… we needed something new.

I started realizing that he knew all the words to Frozen… yet how many prayers did he know? I felt guilty. He should be singing about Jesus. Confession, we still haven’t entirely solved that problem.

But, we ventured out and began listening other things like Barney, which transitioned into Veggie Tales.

Now we listen to VeggieTales 24 hours a day. So the question remains.

Can You Listen to Too Much Music?

I truly don’t know. I want to hear your thoughts!! He really loves music and dances around while it is playing. He also takes two markers and rocks out on air drums.

I seemed to have traded silence for music. But, I love it because I’ve also traded an empty house for one filled with dancing.

If you’re wondering what life sounds like in our house… this is every morning. “cereal…monkey”

How much music do you have in your house?

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