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Monday, September 22, 2014

Balancing Confidence and Imperfection with Carrie from Carrie This Home

Balancing Confidence and Imperfection

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a mom? It is way too easy to look around and see the “perfect moms”… That is why I was thrilled to have Carrie from Carrie this Home on for today’s podcast episode.

From the first moment you go to Carrie’s site, you get to see the real Carrie! ”Jesus follower, wife, mommy of 2, Doesn’t have it all together. The last part was what truly stood out to me.

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We all want to be the best in the world, but Carrie is confident enough to proclaim, *“I don’t have it all together.” As mom’s, we need to hear this. We need friends who are real.

Carrie is a huge encouragement! Even with an imperfect life we can still do tons of things.

  1. Fit working out into a crazy busy mommy schedule.

  2. Create beautiful DIY projects with kiddos underfoot.

  3. Have a beautifully decorated house even on a tight budget.

  4. Share wonderful prayers with Jesus, even if they are simple requests for patience throughout the day.

Finally, if you missed Friday’s video, Carrie shares how to Overcome the Pressure to the “Perfect Mom.”

How do you balance staying confident as a mom?

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  1. You are a great interviewer, Theresa! You made the whole process very fun and easy! I was glad to be a part of your podcast. Thanks so much for having me!


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