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Friday, September 26, 2014

Three Ways Moms Can Use Tech with Manoush Zomorodi [Video]

Technology is everywhere!! But are we using it to our advantage?

Manoush Zomorodi is a mom who is also the host of New Tech City. Her show has reached the #1 spot of iTunes for Tech podcast… but the thing that I love about her is that she talks about how technology affects our sleep, our brains, our families, and our lives.

As a mom, I don’t always care about the newest gadget… but I absolutely care about the effect that it is having on my son.

Manoush shares…

Three Ways That Moms Can Use Tech

  1. Find a Free To Do List App As mom’s we always have billions of things running through our head. Manoush recommends dumping our to do list from our brain into a app… so it’s not just bouncing around in our head.

  2. Choose Video Games That Are Educational Manoush recommended Hopscotch which is a simple game that teaches kids coding. Sure, it would be great if your kids never played video games, but if they do… make them educational!

  3. Use a Running App Seven years ago, Manoush had a baby… and that was the last time she ran. Until a few months ago when she starting using a running app. Now she has run a 5k! If you looking to get your game back together after having a baby try a running app :)

Make sure you head back on Monday when Manoush will be sharing What Moms Need to Know about Tech in our latest podcast episode. You check out Manoush on her personal site too.

What ways do you use tech?

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