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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Papa's Job: Teaching Your Boys to Be Brave

Papa's Job Teaching Your Boys to Be Brave

There are some areas where papa truly is best! We have recently been trying to conquer sleeping in the big boy bed all night. I am the worst at encouraging this. Every time my poor little guy whimpers, I want to fly in and rescue him. I’m truly not giving him an opportunity to see that everything will be ok because at the slightest tear, I pick him up.

This is where papa comes up. He does a great job of talking with Charlie and keeping him in bed.

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After our first full night of success with the big boy bed, my husband commented on how he loved that I was letting him help Charlie to be brave while he slept in his new bed. As the papa, it was his job to teach his son to be brave.

This made so much sense to me. As the mom, I do always want to fix things and comfort my baby. Papa on the other hand is there to teach bravery! And he’s right, sleeping in the big boy bed is totally fine. It is just new.

Bravery, doing things by himself, adventures these are all areas where papa is the perfect teacher. In my Teaching Kids to Love Cleaning episode I talked about how papa is teaching my little guy how to do laundry. He’s also teaching him to pick up his toys. Then there are the fun things like wrestling and playing music.

As moms, we are very important and there are millions of things for us to teach our kids. But there are also areas where papa is best. Let’s encourage our husbands! Those papa/son and daddy/daughter moments are precious. There are certain things they need to learn from papa.

What things do your kids like doing with papa?

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