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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finding Balance with Eating and Working Out

Finding Balance with Eating and Working Out

As moms, we can way too easily bounce between two extremes in life. “I’m fat! I don’t look beautiful!” and ”I am incredible!” “I don’t have time to work out… but I look great!”

As moms, we want to be beautiful, happy, healthy, and in shape. But how do we find the balance between the two extremes?

You are beautiful! Right now. Today as a mom! But we should always be striving to be better. Sometimes, I get stuck, but I know I should always be pressing forward. So I talked with some other moms.

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Mom Talk on Health and Working Out

Why Don’t We Work Out?

Talking with moms, I found two answers:

  1. Trouble Escaping the Kiddos. Stay-at-home moms said they had trouble escaping from the kiddos.

  2. Feeling Guilty About the Time Working moms said they felt guilty for already being gone during the day. Leaving for more time to work out… never seemed to make the priority list.

  3. What is your reason for not working out?

Solve the Work Out Problem

  1. Involved the Kiddos Do workouts that can involve the kiddos. Maybe a family walk.

  2. Wake Up Early or Stay Up Late This way you don’t lose anytime with the kiddos, yet you still get to work out.

  3. Find People on Your Level. It is the worse working out with someone who makes you feel lame about your ability. Find other moms who have the same workout goals as you. Support each other!

Why Don’t We Eat Healthy?

Talking with moms:

  1. We Don’t Have Time! Junk food is quicker and easier.

  2. Temptation is Everywhere! Especially for working moms. Workplaces are often have vending machines filled with bad choices.

Ideas for Healthy Eating

  1. Plan in Advance. Even if you’re not a huge fan of planning things in advance, some semblance of a plan will make it much easier to avoid having tacos or pizza every night… Tell me it’s not just our house.

  2. Make Healthy Snacks Easy. Chips and candy are easy to grab. Make up little bags of carrots, celery, green beans or nuts. Healthy shouldn’t be a hassle option.

  3. You Can Always Have Junk Tomorrow. Sometimes we get into a “Starved” mindset where we feel like if we don’t have the snack now we’ll die. Even putting off the snack from midnight to morning can be helpful.

  4. Choose A Smaller Portion. This one always seems crazy to me. If I chose the junk food, it is because I wanted it. But this really can be a great way to enjoy a little bit of fun without killing your health.

Finally, know you are a beautiful mom right now, without changing anything. For the moment the best thing might be to just relish in that knowledge! But we teach our kids to always try our best so we should too.

There’s a balance… it is tricky and hard to master. Try just one thing this week in either the health or workout category.

Let me know in the comments what you’re going to try! I would love to encourage you!

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  1. Hi! I love your show. Before I had a child I hated, loathed, despised working out in the morning. But now that I am a mom, I find it is the only time I can do it! The crazy thing, I realized I actually really like it! Now I"m an early morning work out junkie. All I'm saying is, like we tell our kids about trying new food, give it a try. You might like it!

    1. Rebecca, I am so glad you love the show!! Thank you so much :) Would you be willing to leave me a review in iTunes? You'd would just go to the iTunes store, search for A Mom in the Making. Your comment mean so much to me... I would love for it to be a on iTunes :)

      You're tempting me to try a morning workout :) You are right... I might love it if I give it a try... I just have to get out of bed early at least once to try it. lol

  2. Yes, yes, and YES. I agree with everything you said. And I've given every excuse you mentioned! Haha.. Your tips are right on the nose, and I loved them.
    Exercise is so hard for me, I don't know why I can't keep it up! I even have a double jogging stroller so I can easily take the kids, I just don't. But you've inspired me, so I will go on a walk with them tomorrow!

    1. Alli, Good luck on your walk :) I totally have a jogging stroller... yet I never jog :) so I totally understand and double strollers are soooo heavy. Walks are an awesome place to start :) Enjoy your walk!

  3. I am a morning workout person, but I am not a morning person! It's a decision I had to make to get my health in line! I loved your post! Would love for you to stop by:

    1. Erika,

      That is awesome that you're working out in the morning!! How did you get the motivation to start... if you're not a morning person? I'm still struggling with that ;)

      Thanks for much for your comment Erika :)

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