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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dance to your Alarm Clock

Beep Beep Beep! Your alarm is sounding… like a rooster at dawn announcing that morning has arrived. What is your reaction?

#1 Finding a brick to crush your alarm clock

#2 Burying your head deep under the pillows hoping it will stop


#3 Bounding up and starting to dance!

When we don’t enough sleep somehow morning seems to lack that magical flavor. But do we let that define how we begin our day?

I think we can learn from the joy and innocence of a child on how our day should begin. Each morning when my alarm goes off and I scramble for option #1 a brick to crush my clock yet my little son jumps up and begins to dance!

He likes the music that my phone plays as an alarm. He is excited to start another day. He will smile and try to “talk to me” wondering all the while why I am not joining in his morning dance.

We each have so much to be grateful for as every new day begins. Even if we’re not ready for a dance each morning, let us try remember the joy of a child and begin knowing the day in front of us is a gift.

Do you begin your mornings with dance?


  1. This is so sweet! I usually wake up cranky wishing it wasn't time to get up. It is amazing how little ones can wake up with joy! My son is very much like that--wakes up with a smile. I need to try that tomorrow morning!

    1. Good luck tomorrow Carrie! Do you usually wake up before your son? Or is he your alarm clock :)


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