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Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Things I learned while Nursing

Were you able to nurse your baby? 

I am incredibly blessed that I was... but it wasn't without a rocky start or lots of struggles along the way. 

What was your experience? As the sad time for weening has come, I wanted to reflect back. 

Things learned while Nursing. 

#1 It is possible to work full time and nurse... without bottles. You can master Nursing Faster Than Pumping.

#2 Nursing is a miracle. One bonus if you struggle to begin nursing is that you will have an incredible appreciation of its beauty. 

#3 When problems arise with nursing, the solutions can come in unlikely places like the grocery isle.  

#4 Nursing is an Adventure... Both for you and your baby. My son used to think he should go running while I nursed. 

#5 Don't give up when biting starts. It does get better. 

What did you learn while trying to nurse your baby?


  1. I learned that other's opinions of me breastfeeding really don't matter. :)

    1. Jenny,
      That is invaluable. I'm curious though, did you have some supportive people around?


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