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Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Change Diapers While Traveling

Do you think changing diapers while traveling is a nightmare? 

How do you find a livable solution? 

I found I never really used public restroom changing stations...I always find them gross Instead I am always changing Charlie on the seat or my car or looking for a small patch of grass. Don’t worry I've learned from my mistakes on changing diapers in a car.

I also don’t use the diaper changing pad... you lay it on a gross surface so you’re not putting your kid on it sure, but then you take all those germs and put them in your diaper bag.

If I’m not changing him in the car, or outside on the grass... I have decided to use a blanket so I can wash it once I’m done!

How do you change diapers while traveling?


  1. Awesome idea to use a blanket to change your baby when you're traveling. I do the same :-) I have become a pro at changing diapers in my car!

    1. That's great!
      When you change diapers in the car do you lay your babe out on the seat? Or try to balance them in your arms and change them standing up?

      I'm always torn on which way is more effective.


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