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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Does your House Scare you?

Landry's piling up 
Ahh what will I wear

Food inside the fridge
Is growing like a bear

Bills left on the counter
Start to pile high

Stress is overwhelming
Reaching to the sky

Sure I can fix
If it is just one thing

But all of it together
My ears begin to ring

Things never happen
With space to spare

But come like an avalanche
I start to despair

What can I change
If I only have today

Tomorrow I’ll begin again
Its the mommy way

Do you ever find yourself trying to do everything? I know I'm guilty of this all the time. 

Jon Acuff recently had an amazing tweet.
I'm still pondering this question.

What do you need to cut out to have a peaceful and joyful life?


  1. Your poems and rhymes crack me up! Love them! And yes I try to do it all. Which is why I am still up at 11:39 finishing up my blog post for Thursday. BTW Love your blog description! Will be visiting again!

  2. Melissa your comment made my morning!!! My favorite was to see you over at my blog while staying up to finish a post... Story of my life lol

    Do you find it is easier to blog at night?

  3. It is amazing all that a mom needs to do in a day. I am finding myself more accepting of doing what I can each day and knowing that is enough. May you have peace as you navigate through motherhood & all its responsibilities!

    1. I love to hear that! You are a big encouragement, thanks

  4. I don't do mess!! Never have :) I can remember teaching my boys when they were small to tidy up before going to bed which meant we always got up to a tidy house. I bought them colourful boxes to make the job more appealing! Now my sons are adults and they don't do mess either - perhaps its in our genes. I found managing the house so much easier when it wasn't messy.

    1. Jo, I'm impressed. I definitely have messy in the genes :) Did you grow up in a neat house?


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