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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Search of Perfect Hair

Look in the mirror
Check out your hair

Is it quite bedazzled
Or just rather bare

Do spunk and alive 
Exude from you face

Or simply blah
That’s tough to erase

Is simple and safe 
What we always do 

Take the leap now! 
And try something new

Surprises hold mystery
Magic and grace

If you hate it 
More will grow back in its place

This moment may be 
Long overdue

Awaiting is cute,
Adorable you

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Do you love your haircut? How did you come to your decision in choosing a style?

Even if you have the perfect hair, bad styling can keep it hidden. My hair looks beautiful when it's down… Yet I am constantly rushing around… and I don’t like it hanging in my face. So, I end up with it all pulled back in a pony… That’s alright, but it is not like I’m taking advantage of having long, beautiful hair.

It took a lot of courage to bust out and try a new style without the safety net of pulling it back in a pony or sock bun. I couldn’t be happier, I feel like I lost 20 lbs.

If you are concerned about trying a new style, find a stylist that will work with you. In addition to having my haircut I had her write me a list of weapons I need to purchase to control this new beast. Then I went back the next day to have her style it for me and teach me her ways.

I am happy to say I was able to style it myself with her tips and instruction and it looked as good as when she did it.

Tips for having the perfect hair:

  1. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Your favorite haircut may be just around the corner.

  2. Find a stylist who understands you. I went in hopelessly without a plan. I explained my twofold problem of not wanting the same old thing. I really wanted a bold haircut stacked in the back… but I was concerned about not knowing how to make it look right. We decided on a swing bob, with the thought I could always go more extreme once I learned how to style short hair.

  3. Buy actual beauty supplies… I tend to always be saving money, so I’ll buy a cheap curling iron doesn’t really work. This time I went to Sally’s… and asked what straightener to get. It was $47 on sale… I almost had a stroke! For a second I contemplated skipping the whole thing, but I already had the haircut so I went for it. It is amazing… using it I was able to get that “perfect hair” look. All this time perfect hair was only $47 away :)

  4. Take the time to learn. I love reading Kate’s hair advice… yet I found after a year, I never actually watched any of her hair tutorials. My problem was that I was alway reading the blog at times when I couldn’t watch a video. I spent about 40 minutes watching videos that I specifically thought would help with my new style. It may have been the most valuable 40 minutes I’ve ever spent on my hair.

  5. It isn’t magical. As much as I wish the Jettson’s were true that you could just wake up and your shower would do your hair for you… it does take time.

  6. Speaking of #5… What will it take to give yourself the time to spend on hair? I needed to get up a little earlier. Yet, I hate morning… So I found listening to the Frozen Soundtrack made things a little easier.

If all else fails pull a Jane Jettson…

How do you stay happy with your hair?


  1. In my imagination, it's totally possible to have perfect looking hair without spending either 1 minute or 1 dollar on it. Unfortunately...that's totally not true. I haven't decided yet whether I want to go for keeping my hair short or longer, I keep alternating. I love it short...but there's this nagging feeling in me that maybe I would like it long, too, I just never give it enough of a chance to grow out!

    1. Rachel, I agree with every word! I completely understand your struggle... I always felt like I would miss my long hair, but I'm thrilled I took the leap.

      ps totally checked out your blog and your short cut is adorable!

  2. Morning mask - LOL :) I'm not happy with my hair at the moment, but thanks to pinterest, I might be onto something!

    1. Good Luck Mila! What is your pinterest idea? Will it be a drastic change?

      Let me know if you decide on a style I'd love to see it.

  3. Oh my goodness, going back the next day to learn how is such a great idea! I am doing that next time for sure. Hubby likes longs hair but it is lifeless on me (thin, super straight, and sides don't grow). So I always end up getting something that I can manage without getting it too short. But it never looks like they do it. Thanks for sharing. Love the pics too!


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