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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why do we Second Guess our Looks

When do we learn to second guess our looks? 

Last week I was talking about How to Avoid Fake Smiles… As I flipped through the our photo shoot I really enjoyed looking at my son. Everyone of his photos was great.

#1 He’s a little kid so he couldn’t look bad if he tried.

But secondly he had no reason to look funny. He was just excited to be playing outside after a long winter spell. Running through the hills while the wind whipped around him, nothing could make him frown.

When do we learn to think twice about how we look in photos? Now I agree, some photo do just catch you at a bad moment like when you’re shovin’ a cupcake in your face (but truly did it look that nice in real life).

As moms we need to strive to be confident in our looks. Sure my pictures inspired me to lay off the m&ms and start running. But eating junk food is a choice that I make, complaining about how I look as a result is never productive.

We are an example to our children, our friends, and other moms. When we complain about how we look it doesn’t only hurt us, but make others feel bad too. (I think our natural reaction when we hear someone complains about a photo is “if they think they look bad I must really look bad!”)

I believe half the reason kids look so great in photos is they don’t know any other way to look. They haven't learned to be squeamish and muster fake smiles.

Let’s learn from them and celebrate life and with authentic joy and smiles in all our photos. (I can't reveal the good photos from that day yet because I'm redoing my about page...coming soon!)

How do you avoid second guessing how you look?

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